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2005 Nats vs 1969 Senators

I thought it might be fun to compare the current Nats vs the best of the expansion Senators, the Ted William's led 1969 team:

1B] Mike Epstein vs Brad Wilkerson
Very similar, with a small nudge to Epstein. The two first baseman had
almost identical numbers, although Epstein batted only against right

2B] Bernie Allen/Tim Cullen vs Jose Vidro
No comparison. Bernie Allen was on the downside of an average career
and Tim Cullen never was able to hit major league curveballs. Jose Vidro,
when healthy, is as good a second baseman as there is.

SS] Ed Brinkman vs Christian Guzman
Nothing particularly wrong with Guzman, but Brinkman was the best
fielding shortstop in the majors whose name wasn't Mark Ballanger.
Brinkman also hit well in 1969. Brinkman wins.

3B] Kenny McMullen vs Vinny Castilla
Very interesting matchup. Two excellent fielders with some pop in their
bats. McMullen hit 19 homers and drove in close to 90 runs in '69,
numbers Castilla may duplicate. McMullen wins only because he was
much younger

LF] Frank Howard vs Termel Sledge
At first glance, this is a 'what, are you kidding?' comparison. Over a five
year period, Hondo was the premier power hitter in the AL. Sledge?
Well, Sledge has a .280-25-90 type season written all over him. Frank
Howard was a, um, (cough) a .. defensive liability in left. OK .. he was
horrible in the field. The only reason they didn't call him 'Dr. Strangelove'
is because there was a certain first baseman that already had that
nickname. Sledge is a very good fielder. When you factor in runs saved
vs. runs given up in the field, the runs produced between the two will
be pretty close. Howard wins, but not by as much as you'd think.

CF] Del Unser vs Endy Chavez
Both hit for a good average, had some speed and played a quality
center field. Chavez may be a bit better at tracking down balls hit to the
alleys, although Unser had a deadly arm. Chavez by a smidge

RF] Lee Maye vs Jose Guillen
If the Senators had Lee May, and not Lee Maye in right, it would have
been tight. But Lee Maye was in his mid 30s, and though he hit for a
good average, he had no power left. Guillen will produce a .300-30-100
type season. Guillen in a walk.

C ] Jim French/Paul Cassanova vs Brian Schneider
The Senators had little more than warm bodies behind the plate.
Cassanova made the all-star team his first year, but was a shadow of his
former self by 1968. Schneider is the premier defensive catcher in the
NL, and I think he can produce a .265-14-60 type season, which is
tremendous for a defensive catcher.

So, the final tally: Nationals 4, Senators 4. We'll compare pitching staffs and bench quality tomorrow. For fun, we'll see who wins the Frank Robinson vs Ted Williams comparison.

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