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Ta ta Chavez

The word came down this afternoon that centerfielder Endy Chavez has been demoted to New Orleans for the start of the 2005 season. Hmmm.

I must say that while I have always thought Chavez would do a decent job in center, I didn't much care for the Wilkerson-Chavez-Guillen outfield. Put Wilkerson at first, throw Sledge into left, and trade baby, trade.

Nick Johnson, Endy Chavez and one of our lower level starting pitchers for a quality centerfielder. Bowden came close with his Sledge and Johnson for Aubrey Huff foray, but of course, that didn't pan out. C'mon Jim, add some pitching and pull the trigger for Huff. Put him at first, put Wilkerson back in left, keep Church in center and we've got a .500 team.

Let's see

Oh Boy, There I Go Again

Last month, I posted my memories of the first spring training game for the Senators in '69, when they beat the Expos 18-3 and based on that one game, I annointed the Senators the best team in baseball. I told my son that story the other day, and we both laughed at my youthful short-sightedness. Fast forward to March 2nd and the Nats first spring training game. They won, and I said to my son, "See, they could win it all this year." I looked up to find him staring at me, just shaking his head. "And you grew up WHEN?" he asked? The more things change, the more they stay the same.(Sigh)

RE: Spring Training Thus Far

So far, so good for the Nats in spring training. Let's review and see how things are panning out thus far for:
Nick Johnson
I haven't seen enough out of Nick Johnson yet to know if he'll be able to be THE first baseman for 2005. He seems to be a quality fielder and exeptional at getting on base, as his career on base percentage will attest. However, he hits left-handers much better than he does righties, which makes a potential platoon at first out of the question. Of course, health is an issue as well. I think this is his last chance to prove he is a major leaguer [at least in a Nationals uniform]. If healthy, I see him with these type of numbers
.275 - 24 - 81 OBP: .392
If his numbers don't approach these by the middle of May, look for him to be traded

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