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Et Tu, Lima?

Look, I understand that we are a $50 million dollar team, which makes us a little less financially able than the St. Louis Browns of the early 1950s. Got it. But, 'would it spoil some vast, eternal plan' if we coughed up a few bucks for some pitching? How much would it have cost us to sign
Paul Byrd? How about Jose Lima? Add them together and it would total what, about $10 million per year? That is about what we paid for Castilla and Guzman. These two could have added 25 wins for the Nats. Assuming that Livan wins 15, a healthy Armas 12 and Day maybe 9, you come up with a starting four that might win 60 games, leaving the rest of the team to win another 21 and give us a .500 first season (and that, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at).

My biggest fear is that the new owner cans Bowden and brings in 'his' guy, who then takes the team in another direction and leaves us fans wallowing in a perpetual Nats 'rebuilding phase.' I don't want to become another Oakland A's, who has to trade off our best players for prospects. D.C. is a strong enough market that we should be able to pay our players the going rates.

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