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Jose: A Good Trade

We have got to face facts. Financially, we are still the Expos. With a salary cap of about $50 million, we just can't make many high profile trades because we have no high profile talent to give up. Also, we don't have the dollars to sign high profile free agent talent. So, for now, we get what we can get.

Guillen reminds me a great deal of Dave Parker. Known as a bad boy in Pittsburgh, he was traded to the Reds, where his numbers actually increased while he cleaned up his act both on and off the field. Bowden has remarked several times that Jose was a good citizen when they both were with the Reds organization. Agreed, he did a very stupid thing, but it seems a somewhat isolated stupid thing.

On paper, the Nats got more talent than they gave up. I see Guillen as a 300-30-100 guy for many years to come, a cornerstone of the franchise in right field. He will go out of his way this season to show he is of good character. While he'll never be in the Frank Howard class, he'll make us proud, both on and off the field.

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