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Top 10 Senators memories

The promise of a new era in Washington baseball has brought back many Senators memories from the 1960s. Here are my top ten, in no particular order:
1] Frank Howard hitting ten homeruns in seven games in the summer of 1968.
2] Ron Hansen hit a grand slam, turned an UNASSISTED triple play, struck out 13 straight times, and got traded to the White Sox, all in one week
3] Dick Bosman leading the AL in ERA in 1969
4] Ted Williams working his magic on Eddie Brinkman. Brinkman, a career .190 hitter, hit (about) .267 in '69 and .266 in '70.
5] Bob Short trading Eddie Brinkman, Aurelio Rodrieguez and Joe Coleman to the Tigers for Denny Mclain and a bunch of guys named Joe (Step one in the process of making the team so bad that he could move them at the end of the year - - I think the movie 'Major League' was based on what Short did to DC)
6] Chuck Hinton being the only Senator to hit .300 during the expansion era ('64 I think)
7] Frank Howard was tied with Harmon Killebrew for the league lead in homers going into the last day of the 1969 season. The Twins played an afternoon game and Killebrew hit number 49. Williams batted Hondo LEADOFF for that last game, but didn't hit another homer. Whitfield did make this call, though: "Howard swings and hits one deep to left, way back there, going ... going .. caught at the warning track." I threw everything in the room that wasn't nailed down.
8] Seeing Curt Flood play for the Senators opening day 1971 (well past his prime sadly)
9] Being at that opening day game in 1971, watching the Senators beat the Oakland A's and Vida Blue 8-0 behind ace Dick Bosman. Short didn't start McLain so he could get another big crowed the next game too. Brother.
10] The entire 1969 season. The expansion Senators had their only winning season, finishing forth in the AL East at 86-76, only one game behind Boston for third. Mike Epstein, Ed Brinkman, Ken McMullen, Del Unser and Lee Maye all had career years. Dick Bosman had a breakout year, and Casey Cox and Joe Coleman pitched well too. There was so much hope for the 1970 season, but owner Bob Short traded McMullen early in the season after a slow start, and the Senators never recovered.

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