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The More Things Change ...

One of the great things about publishing a very new blog is the fact that no one yet reads it, and I can say pretty much anything I want without offending other baseballers.

I was checking some of the other Nat's blogs this morning, and came across a litany of things that are wrong; the logo on the hat, the uniform, the rules of the game, the length of the game, the distance between the bases ... yada yada yada. Granted, a blog is all about personal perspectives, but after 33 years, you'd think Beltway baseball fans could find a few positive things to write about.

First, the hat. To you kiddies who were not alive in 1971, memo: the hat isn't for you. It is a gift to those of us who woke up that September morning and picked up the Washington Post up off of our front porch and read those fateful words: "Senators move to Texas." It is for us that MLB brought back the old hat, a chance to again see a major leaguer wear the Senator cap before we die. Now, the jersey. I'm not sure very many people like it, but it is a TEMPORARY design, to be used only until the new owner has a chance to create a look to his/her own liking. What's worse: the Nats playing in a semi-crummy uniform in RFK or the Nats playing in Las Vegas?

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