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New Nat Esteban Loaiza Posted by Hello
Was the addition of former Yankee Esteban Loaiza a good move? It was a great move. Well, it's great if he does better than he did last year. And its great if he reverts back to the .500 pitcher he was before his great year with the White Sox in 2003. It was a tremendous move if he reverts to form and wins 20 games and keeps his ERA under 3.00.

I really believe that this rotation, if healthy, has the potential to be quite good. Each pitcher in the rotation has the capacity and ability to win 15 games. Certainly they all wont, but they could. If Loaiza has a 'typical' year for him, and the other pitchers keep their ERA's where they were last year, and if the hitters hit for their career averages, we could see an 85 win season for 2005.

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