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RE: Spring Training Thus Far

So far, so good for the Nats in spring training. Let's review and see how things are panning out thus far for:
Nick Johnson
I haven't seen enough out of Nick Johnson yet to know if he'll be able to be THE first baseman for 2005. He seems to be a quality fielder and exeptional at getting on base, as his career on base percentage will attest. However, he hits left-handers much better than he does righties, which makes a potential platoon at first out of the question. Of course, health is an issue as well. I think this is his last chance to prove he is a major leaguer [at least in a Nationals uniform]. If healthy, I see him with these type of numbers
.275 - 24 - 81 OBP: .392
If his numbers don't approach these by the middle of May, look for him to be traded
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