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Forrest Gump Waiting For The Bus Outside of RFK This Afternoon

Forrest Gump

Well. I watched that ball game today, but it t'wernt much of one. I mean, I guess it was if you like rain. It rained and it rained and it rained. Mamma says rain is God's tears, 'cause he was cryin when people did bad things. My my, God musta been really sad to-day.

Come that last inning, those nice boys from Washing-ton, they was about to win their 10th game of the year. But God's tears done got in the way of that. That fine young man, the one throw-in the, ball, he needs a new hat 'cause that brim of his is 'bout as flat as the bottom of my Bubba Shrimp shrimp boat. Anyway, that fine young man, he flung the ball, and that Atlanta fella, he whacked it right at that other fella, you know, the one that 'caint hit a lick. Anyway, that fella that 'caint hit, he 'caint throw neither, cause the ball ended up in that cellar below where the people sit. And my, those folks on the bases, they just ran and ran. That man, he's a Christian, so he must be religious, but God's tears still got in the way, and he just flung that ball nearly all the way to Jackson.

And the Washington boys, they done lost. And that's all that I have to say about that.
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