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Oh, I know ... I'm being a bit melodramatic. But I also know how everyone might be feeling right now. After being routed in two out of three games in Miami, it's off to Atlanta and yet another rout. Positives? Jose Guillen. And the new scoreboard looked really nice too. And Skip and Don said they liked our uniforms. And Skip called us the EXPOS only once. See, things don't seem so dark now, do they?

Simply put, Day's sinker didn't, and that sunk the Nationals. A team with these many professional hitters can't go these many games without breaking out. It'll come soon. I do see a problem against left handers, though. Church and Sledge: bench. Schneider: bench. Did anyone else see that swing by Mr. Davis in left field? THAT swing certainly didn't earn him a spot on the 25 man roster. It was Dontrelle revisited. I think left handers are going be a problem this season.

Hey, tomorrow, our record is 0-0 when playing on Tuesdays after getting beat by the Braves 11-2. See? It'll be a piece of cake!

Tomorrow's another day.

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