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Mets Win, Nats Try Again Today

Darn him

I cropped this photograph of Tom Glavine this way for a reason. Glavine certainly doesn't have his hall-of-fame talent anymore; he lost that when he gave up his tomahawk. His record with the Mets bears that out. No, he had something else last night. He incorporated his head, his knowledge of pitching, and his heart, that still burning desire to win. Those two things made that tired left arm regain, at least for a night, that sparkle that made him one of the feared lefties in the game for so many years. The Mets won and they deserved it.

For the first time this season, a Nats game was uncomfortable to listen to. The bats remain cool. The starting pitching is good enough to win, but when given one run to work with, a win is very hard to come buy. Let's hope this was just "one of those games."

I listened to the Mets announcers on XM last night. Unbelievable. They blamed Christian Guzman for the loss the day before, repeatedly bringing up his "error." Never mentioned was the driving rainstorm. They said that 3rd base coach made a mistake because he held Vidro at third in the first inning, never mentioning that Jose is still a bit gimpy and one run wasn't worth losing an all-star second baseman for the year. Their New York arrogance was hard to listen to. This was the first time that the opponent's broadcasters didn't have kind things to say about the new team and their city. I'll remember that.

Today, it is Tomo-san versus someone -- Iishi is out -- so we'll see how are bats do against the as yet unnamed pitcher.

No worries yet. Go Nats
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