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My "Box Seat" For Tonight's Game

My connection with the Nationals

There are many wonderful reasons that makes Idaho such a good place to live. My 5 bedroom house cost me almost $75,000. The distance between Pocatello [my home] and Idaho Falls is the same distance between D.C. and Baltimore. I can get to Idaho Falls in about 35 minutes. In a city about the size of Fairfax, we've had one murder. In four years. It's a great place to raise a family -- no question.

But: while you are enjoying the fresh paint and new turf at RFK, taking in the aura of opening day, I'm sitting in my den "watching" the game on MLB's Gameday while listening to it on XM 184. I wish I could experience the "buzz" that's electrifying DC right now, both in the stadium and along the mall.

Bottom of the third with no score. Go Nats!
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