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The Nationals Win. The-e-e-e-e-e- Nationals Win

It was in the stars. Livan wasn't going to pitch two bad games in a row, and since this was the one game this weekend where the Nats weren't going up against a pitcher with hall of fame stuff, it just had to be!

I'm not sure if I liked Guillen's homer more than I hated Delgado's. I think I would rather have seen Chad do his job versus Jose making SportsCenter. Regardless. Wow! Did you see the way the boys came back * AGAIN!* ? We got some timely hitting [read: not enough hits] and some quality pitching. Livan's one [no crooked numbers today!] run given up was unearned, so his ERA must be getting down near 7.00 or so now.

REALLY GOOD THING: Christian Guzman hitting 8th in the order. He can work out the kinks there, and from the look of things tonight, he's beginning to do just that.

REALLY BAD THING: The defense is still a concern; I knew we were in trouble when Frank Robby said this spring, "This may be the finest defensive club I've coached." The old K-I-S-S O-F D-E-A-T-H.

REALLY SURPRISING THING: Mr. Luis Ayala being one heck of a set-up man. He seems to be the sharpest of all our pitchers so far.
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