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Nats Fans Transform Expos Into A Winner

Vinny and Jose are the "boys" in Beltway Boys

C'mon. Let's be honest. The Washington Nationals are the Montreal Expos. Oh certainly, they went from wearing perhaps the ugliest uniforms in the National League to the most attractive. Yes, they added a slugger but lost one to Japan. They added a good shortstop but traded one to Boston. Armas is still hurt. Church is still struggling. Wilky is still at leadoff. No, not that much has changed. Yet, the Nationals have almost as many victorys after 12 games this year as they did after 31 last year. How can that be?

Take a bow Washington. It's you.

The Montreal Expos averaged 9,300 fans per game last year. the Washington Nationals are averaging nearly 39,000 per game. The team will draw FOUR times more fans playing in DC this year. Thats the difference between playing at a ballyard and a graveyard.

These men are more than professional baseball players, the best in the world at what they do. They are human beings, who want to be liked and appreciated for their efforts. It's very hard to give 110% on the field when the vendors outnumer the fans. Last year, they weren't wanted in two different cities, neither of them even in the United States. Today, they are more beloved than those who wear the Burgundy and Gold. That just never happens.

These are the right players to be on the first Nationals team. They're good but not great. They're quick but not fast. They're strong but don't have great deal of power. To play well, to win, they have to play at a level above the competition. They have to will the team to win.

That's exactly what they are doing. By coming from behind time and time again, by turning singles into doubles, and doubles into triples, by throwing a curve on a 3-2 pitch, by stopping a ball hit down the line so it doesn't turn into a double, these men are saying thank you to the fans who brave the long lines and expensive tickets to support their efforts between the lines.

Call it a "mutual admiration" society. How cool.
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