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New York Tries To Upstage Washington Again: Still Mad Capitol Moved South

The Mets

You better not cry,
You better not scream ~
You ought to be happy,
That they're not your team ~
The New York Mets are coming, to town.

They're uniforms are orange,
and splattered with some blue~
They look like a minor league team,
And they play like it tooooo ....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Mets bus will roll into the RFK parking lot Friday afternoon, confident of a win. But should they be? The Mets are 11-12, and a game behind the Nationals. Take a look at the Mets statistics for the year. Assuming that each player is striving for an "average" year, let's see how they are doing. A '+' means they are surpassing anticipations, a '-' indicates they are below goals, and an 'X' means they are on track:

1b] Doug Mientkiewicz [X] --------Low average with a good glove and a little pop
2B] Kaz Matsuki [X] -------------OK average but horrible OBP
SS] Jose Reyes[-] ----------------When your batting average is the same as your OBP, trouble
3B]David Wright [+] -------------Good numbers across the board
LF]Cliff Floyd [+] ----------------Destroying both the ball and all opponents
CF] Carlos Beltran [X] -----------Producing, but is he worth his contract?
RF] Victor Diaz [+] ---------------Doing good things with his talent
C] Mike Piazza [-] ----------------Not the same player; I'd take Brian Schneider in a second

Totals: 3 better than expected --- 2 below expectations, and 3 about where they'd hoped

When compared with the Nats, position by position, I'd bet that most GM's would choose five Nats [Johnson, Vidro, Wilkerson, Guillen and Schneider] and three Mets [Reyes, Wright and Beltran]. The Mets have a payroll at least twice the Nats, and [I believe] we have better position players than they do [and we have a better record].

This is an important series for the Nationals. They need to win two out of three to stay about .500, the team's year-long goal.
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