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Oh Baby, That Felt Good

One game, one win shouldn't mean that much. But it did. Oh my, did it ever. The Nats won a baseball game for the first time in 34 years. That's a heckuva "ofer." I loved the way they won. Good pitching, and lots and lots of hits. Sixteen hits. Initial observations: The guys I expected to produce produced. I'm still a little concerned about Christian Guzman. Was he really an upgrade for us at short? Castilla might just work out at third after all. Guillen is exciting. And Wilkerson? Well, he's my daddy. And forget the one bad inning for Day; judge him on those good five innings.

Proud of you boys. I'll settle for another 74 wins, and hope for another 80. Give me 84, and I'll paint all the stadium seats for free [well, you provide the paint:) ]
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