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Pitcher Perfect?

Washington Nationals Pitchers

Here is Part II of the "off day" recap of the Nationals, focusing on the pitchers.

Patterson has literally come out of nowhere to become the ace of the Nationals' staff. He gave up a run in his last start and his ERA went up to 0.98! He has been known as a pitcher with quality stuff, but he tended to lose his concentration during the game and when that happened, he was shelled and in the showers. His control has been outstanding. PREDICTION: 15-5, 3.34 ERA

The Livan Hernandez we've seen so far this year isn't the one who has been dominanting the league for almost a decade. He's pitched 'OK,' but except for a few innings here and there, has been no better than Zach Day or Tomo Ohka. No sweat. He'll be there at the end. PREDICTION: 16-12, 3.65

Earlier this spring, I wrote that Armas was the 'x' factor for the Nats. If he lives up to his potential and stays healthy, then we would have a superb pitching staff. OK, he didn't stay healthy, but it had nothing to do with his arm. He'll be fine. And I still think he'll be the 'x' factor that I'd hoped. PREDICTION: 11-6, 4.04 ERA

This one's tougher to figure out. Yes, he's pitching much better than he did with the Yankees, but not as good as he did with the White Sox. We'll take that. The Nats needed a reliable 4th starter for the rotation, someone who could pitch .500 ball, and that's exactly what they got. He'll do well enough to sign a better contract somewhere else next year, but not enough to get Jaret Wright or John Leiber money. PREDICTION: 11-11, 4.04 ERA

Ko-nichi wa, Ohka-san. How's it hangin? Why are you pitching this way? Frank Robinson thinks you're hurt. I don't know, but I watched you pitch against the Braves last year, and you were a different pitcher then. I think you could win 15 games when healthy. But your not. PREDICTION: 9-10, 4.52

Zach Day
Day probably has the most wicked drop pitch in the league. When it dips, it's groundball heaven. When it doesn't the outfield wall gets dented. Zach Day reminds me a lot of John Patterson before the start of this year. Potential unfulfilled. If Day turns it on, the Nats can contend. Really. They could. I think, though, that Day will be traded for a centerfielder long before that, however. PREDICTION: Member of the Cincinnati Reds

I used this picture of Cordero in his college uniform to show that he looks just the same today, mainly because he's only two years out of college. He looks like a dominant closer waiting to happen, and it will. For now, he'll walk a few, give up a few hits, and then close 'em down. Cordero will be THE premier closer in the NL by the time we move into the new stadium. PREDICTION: 2.88 ERA, 25 saves
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