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So .... They Lost. Big Deal

OK, what we have been waiting for since September 29th finally came to pass. The Nats lost, and pretty bad. Hernandez looked shaky in the 8-4 loss. What does this all mean? It means we're 0-1 and we play again on Wednesday. Nothing more.

We as Nationals fans should look for hints, not bold statements from our team. When they were behind, did they fight back? Yes. Did the middle relief in the bullpen stop the bleeding? Yes. Offensively, Castilla and Sledge were question marks. They both produced.

Livan will have another three of four games like that this year. He has a history of quality pitching ... one game doesn't change that. Every starter got at least one hit. The only problem was that the Nats hits were particularly timely. That will come.

Seeing them in their blue hats looked very strange; that was the first time I've seen them wear those. They almost looked like a reverse image. Looked very good though.

I cannot describe the joy of having a baseball team represent my hometown of Washington DC again. I don't live there anymore. I am an Idahoan now, and that is a good thing. My politics and values fit much better here. But that takes nothing away for my love for D.C., and the wonderful memories I have of the region. Finally, all the planets seem aligned for the first time in 34 years.
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