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The spiffy new RFK Stadium is a very nice and pleasant place to watch a ball game. But it isn't MY RFK, the place where I spent many muggy evenings watching my beloved Senators get creamed [except for that magical season of 1969]. This was a typical crowd during that era, about 7,500 fans. The scoreboard still sticks out in my memory. That huge, curved top that had an advertisement for People's Drug Store [who I worked for] and the Washington Post. The fence was chain link, which made it difficult to be able to judge how far a ball was going to travel. This RFK was not nearly as nice as the one we now have, but certainly was every bit my "field of dreams." And the soccer ball [that morphs into a Nats logo for baseball] was the Longinnes "official time" clock. Same place, just a new facade. How cool.
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