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Spring Training, 1986, West Palm Beach, Florida. After years of having no "favorite" baseball team following the Senators flight to Texas, I fell in love with the Braves in the early 1980s because of Dale Murphy, who was a member of my church. I loved them enough to talk my wife into moving from St. Louis to West Palm Beach so I could enjoy Spring Training, which as we all know, was God's second greatest creation [my loving wife being the first].

So tonight, for the first time, MY team, the Nationals, plays my team, the Braves. Don't get me wrong -- I want the Nats to win -- but it will feel soooo strange rooting against the "boys." [sigh] I guess this will be a no "lose" and a no "win" situation -- my team is guaranteed to win, and to lose.

Enjoy the pictures.
Gotta say it again. Those pics are the best!

A very entertaining blog, too. I'll keep it bookmarked!
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