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A Very "Dontrellian" Night

Kudos to the Marlins tonight. They whacked us. They whomped us. They stomped us. By the third inning, it became painfully obvious that our boys weren't going to score many [if any] runs. So Tomo-san and Osuna began pitching carefully -- to spots. We all know what happens when good pitchers throw to spots. They get whacked. They get whomped. They get stomped. Now, before any of us try to jump off of something, a bridge, a monument, check the box scores last night. The Yanks got stomped. It happens. No sweat.

Did the game tell us anything about our season? No. Tomo pitched well, and with any offense, may well have won. Schneider made his second throwing error of the year. It likely will be his last. No one hit. That happens some times. We DC sports fans are so used to living or dying on a single, weekly Redskin game that it's a little hard to see the big picture. We're a .500 team right now. I'd be so happy to win one, and lose one, win one, and lose one, for the rest of the season. 81 wins and I'm a happy camper. No, it's all about percentages. After the Braves beat the Fish two out of three, there had to be a "correction" just like the stock market. Not much chance of the Marlins coming out of our series 1-5 or 2-4. I hope the Nats win one game and come out of Miami 3-3. That's a great start to the season.

Tonight, it's Livan vs some guy who doesn't even have his pitcher available to the press [Brian Moehler], a guy that didn't even pitch last year. Will Livan have another "off night?" I doubt it. Will Brian Moeller turn into Dontrelle Willis by the first pitch this evening? I doubt it. Will the Nats win? I hope so. Enjoy the game. Out here in Idaho, I'll listen to it on MLB gameday audio [likely, XM won't carry the visiting team feed]. To my fellow Washingtonians who are upset that they can't watch EVERY game on tv, think of Farid in Pocatello, who will only see the games on TBS against the Braves and the VERY occasional ESPN game [though I will see the Rockie - Nationals games on our local Fox Sports Net channel that we get from Denver.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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