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Vinny von Vackdaball

Vinny Von Vackdaball

I must admit that after the National's two "major" free-agent signings last winter, I was happy with one and concerned with the other. One was Christian Guzman. The other was Vinny Castilla. Guzman was young, a five year starter in the league and we got him pretty cheap. Castilla was past his prime. For goodness sake, he was past his prime several years ago when he played for the Braves. I got drawn into the bru-ha-ha about Coors field. Thus far, it looks like I reversed the good and bad signing.

Now, to be fair to me [and I always try to be fair to me], I saw a .265-20-70 season, a year where he'd whack the mistake pitches and get eaten up by the quality pitchers around the league. Next year, we'd likely have to eat the contract and put Brendan Harris or a free agent there. Maybe not.

Vinny Castilla went 3-3 with a homer a double and four RBI's as the mighty Nationals won their fourth straight, 9-3. So far during this young season, Vinny has yet to make an out at RFK. The Nats made the most of their hits, scoring 9 runs on only 9 hits.


Of all the surprising starts this year, the most amazing HAS to be John Patterson. Through two games, he has a 1.29 ERA with 12 strikeouts and only 2 walks. I'm not sure that Zach Day will ever see the starting rotation again, at least with the Nats [read: tradebait]

Today's pitching matchups: Brad Halsey vs Estoban Loaiza. At first blush, you'd thing that [isn't this the height of arrogance?] Esty should blow by this guy whose first name I had to look up at the Diamondbacks website. But, this kid as a good ERA, so we'll have to actually PLAY THE GAME. :)

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