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Broken Bat, Bunt Negates Nats Night


It all hinged on a broken bat. OK, Eric Valent's line drive base hit was the real thing, a stinging shot to centerfielder Brad Wilkerson. I can live with that. It's what happened after that ....

Pinch hitter Marlon Anderson swung hard and broke his bat. Instead of a fly ball to rightfielder Jose Guillen, he instead dinked a pooch hit into no-mans land. Jose Reyes tried to move the runners along, and, after being unable to bunt successfuly the previous at bat, put down the bunt of his life, and used his afterburners to make safely to first.

It was all down hill from there.

You could see the wind fall from the sails of the Nationals' players. Brad Wilkerson threw to the wrong base after hauling down a long fly to left centerfield. Then a long fly to left, which could have been caught, instead fell behind Ryan Church as two more runs scored. The Nationals made it interesting, as Brad Wilkerson came to the plate as the tie run with two out, but grounded back to the pitcher to end the game.

It was an "OK" game. John Patterson pitched "OK," giving up 3 runs in 6 innings. The Nationals his "OK," with the exception of Christian Guzman, who continues his sprint back to respectability. His three hits tonight raised his average from .209 to .233. Considering his average was .165 at the start of the homestand, he has done a remarkable job.

I thought that ESPN, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, did an exceptionally fair job in portraying the Nats, RFK Stadium, and the city of Washington in a fair and flattering manner. No hatchet job here. Well done.

No word of Joey Eeichen's injury so far this evening. I didn't look good though. Our relief pitchers keep dropping like flies.

The Nationals head to Los Angeles tonight for tomorrow's game against the Dodger.
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