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The French Just Never Quite Get Things Right

Baseball, French Style

I was surfing the web this morning and came across a baseball website from France. The French just never quite seem to understand anything American. They watch our movies and think that Hollywood accurately portrays the American way of life. They think that the fact that we saved their country from occupation in two world wars was "A nice little thing to do, but we had it under control, thank you." And goodness, they can't even get baseball right.

The rules for French baseball is a little different from our own. The batter has the ball velcroed to his backside, and then must run the bases in an attempt to score at home plate. The defensive players try to rip the ball off of the opponents back -- if they do, the player is out. The player trying to score is allowed to use his bat to ward off the defensive players.

And we wonder why France disagrees with everything America does. Its all a big misunderstanding.
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