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Nationals Go National Tonight On ESPN

Family Night With The Nats

For the first time, The Washington Nationals command a national audience as the Beltway Boys take on the Mets tonight on ESPN. You're right, they have been on TBS and other national cable outlets, but they were the "opposing" team; the announcers at TBS made that painfully aware. Tonight, an impartial announcing team will report fairly and factually on our beloved Nationals.

I was watch the Braves game this morning as I got ready for church, and heard Skip Cary mention the Nationals several times. He didn't talk about Brian Wilkerson or John Patterson. He repeatedly made fun of the grounds crew. Now, the first time is funny but it gets old very quick. Skip didn't see it that way. Finally, at the end of his schtick, he did say, "And those Nationals are playing well, aren't they?"

I listened to the Mets broadcasters last weekend because my computer was having problems and I couldn't connect with the home feed. I'd guess that about 25% of what they said about the Nationals was simply wrong. Incorrect. Factually inaccurate. Doo doo. It's almost like they don't care -- they'll say whatever sounds good at the time.

It'll be fun tonight, to see how ESPN highlights the Nationals and the city of Washington. So far, I'm not terribly happy about their coverage. For the third night, I've watched ESPN News and saw no mention of the Nationals at all.

Win some more games, boys, and you'll have all the coverage you want.
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