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According To Sporting News, Nationals To Remain On Top In 2nd Half

[July 12th] - Most everyone is waiting for the the "great collapse" that will send the Washington Nationals from the top of the division to the bottom. Ever since the team took over first place in the National League East, it's been a matter not of "if" but rather "when" this will occur.

The "Sporting News," however, sees it differently. The magazine has broken down each team in to "pitching," "offense" and "defense," categories, and has given a rating of 1 [low] to 5 [high] for each. This is how they see the Nationals:

Offense [3] --- Pitching [5] --- Defense [5] --- Total [13]

The total of 13 points is best in the NL East. The Braves and Marlins are tied for second with 11, and the Phillies and Mets are tied for last with 9 points. The Nats are tied with the Cardinals and the White Sox for the very best in baseball.

The Sporting News is one of the few magazines/internet sites that see a bright future for the Nationals during the coming months. If all of the injured return to the team, and if Jim Bowden makes a few of his patented one-sided deals, then I'm with the Sporting News 100%. However, we'll just have to see what happens.

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