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Done Deal

[July 14th] - As of Wednesday evening, Preston Wilson is a Washington National. The question is, what does he give us?

Preston Wilson is Brad Wilkerson with a little more speed. He strikes out too much, goes 1-4 too often, and is subject to prolonged streaks of nothingness. However, he can carry a team for weeks, even months, the way Jose Guillen has done for the team twice this year. Was it a good deal? If he produces, yes.

I think Nick Johnson is hurt more than the team is saying. Brad Wilkerson will now go to first base, and Wilson, Church and Guillen will patrol the outfield. Don't let the "Coors Field" think fool you. Wilson produced while playing for the Marlins. He will be playing for a contract and the Nationals will get the best Preston Wilson has to offer.All the teeth gnashing is done now. Preston Wilson is a National. Let's see if he can play like one.

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