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The Great Leveling Begins?

The Washington Nationals have lost 3 games out of 4, against the last place Mets no less, and the Braves keep right on winning using basically the Richmond AAA squad.

Finally, the lack of hitting teamed up with a tired bullpen and things aren't looking quite as rosy as they were. In fact, it was luck that the Nats won the game they did the other night.

I've got a zillion things to do tonight, so I'll make this as short as I can. This was either a small "bump in the road" or the great leveling out is beginning. I think it's a little bit of both. As much as I love the Nats, they don't have the talent to win 100 games. They are an 85-95 win team, and we're going to see a few more of these losing skids during the second half of the season. Arms are tired. Luck, while not entirely gone, is running out a wee bit. Don't get me wrong, they'll start up another 6 out of 8 streak any time now, but we can't expect them to just "show up" and win every game.

They're a very good team, but not a great one. Teams with a $47 million dollar payroll just can't throw their gloves on the field and win 100 games. We've got to be fair to the players as well as our hopes.
I think everybody on the team was tired. I went to the game today with a friend and at the beginning I pointed around the field to him, that's were Jose Guillen should be playing, that's where Ryan Church should be, and Cristian Guzman, and Nick Johnson. When this series began I said it would be rough, after that brutal 13-inning game in Chicago that decimated the bullpen. I think Philly will be rough, too.
However . . . I don't think there is any team in the Majors that will benefit more from the All Star break. They come back, with a serious three-day rest for most of the bullpen (except for Chief, who doesn't need a rest), and the entire offense. They come back with depth at every position, as these players return healthy. They return with their hitters. A game like today is usually the Nats' day. Tied going into the Seventh, they should win, as they have been. But they're also lacking some of their power hitters. Any night, you don't know who'll pull it off, Church, Johnson, Wilkie, Guillen, Vidro, but you know you need them all there, so that you have the best chance that one of these players pulls through in a clutch situation. After that All Star break, watch for a comeback.
I agree, we have a buch of quality players ready to come back off the disabled list. However, even with Ryan and Nick and the rest of the guys, is this really a team that is going to win 100 games? I hope not. The new owner will say, "Gee, if I can win 100 games with a $47 million payroll, I don't really have to increase the payroll."
That scares me.
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