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How Can Nats Lose To Team Wearing Tan Pajamas?

[August 5th] - Well, that didn't take long. After righting the sinking ship for a few games, the offense bucked yet one more time as the Nationals lost 6-5 to the Padres.

Wait a minute, you say. The Nats scored 5 runs, one of their better performances in some time. How could they have had another down offensive night and score 5 runs? Luck.

The Padres scored 6 runs on 16 hits. The Nationals scored 5 runs on 5 hits. Five hits. When you usually get only 5 hits, you're shut out. Five hits and eleven strikeouts.


Livan Hernandez pitched poorly, but still left the game with a chance to win. As he walked in the dugout, he threw his hat, his jacket and his glove into the stands. But not to worry, he's not going to be traded to the Brewers too. Hernandez simply referred to his last three throws of the night as "souvenirs" for the fans. And no, he said, he wasn't mad a manager Frank Robinson.

Chad Cordero gave up two hits and a run to take the loss. Gary Majewski gave up the tying run in the 8th inning.

This is one of "those" games when you lose and feel "OK" about it. It was just one of those things. Our ace couldn't pitch. Our players couldn't hit. Our fielders couldn't field. It happens. The question is, how will they respond tomorrow? To reach 90 wins, they can lose games like this; they just have to come back and win games like tomorrow.

We'll see. Go Nats.

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