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Phils Fall To Nats Bats, 6-3

[August 16th] - Somewhere, there is a guy who hides deep within the shadows between the real and the unreal. There in his closet is an on/off switch that is plainly marked "Washington Nationals." About a month ago, he turned the switch to the "off" position. Last week, having sensed that the suffering he caused was second only to having a Republican in the White House, he turned the Nats back on.

Hey fella, leave the dang switch alone.

The sweep against the Colorado Rockies was expected if the Washington was to have any hope in catching all those teams suddenly in front of them. But the Phillies are different. They ARE one of the teams who surged past the then struggling Nationals. Further, the Phils sent to the mound 10 game winner Brett Myers.

Wasn't even close.

The Nationals scored 6 runs on 10 hits, thanks to two home runs by Preston Wilson and a solo shots by Brian Schneider and Nick Johnson. All of a sudden, the Nationals are beginning to flex their muscles. Why? I don't think it's because all of a sudden the entire team has found its batting stroke. Rather, the team simply couldn't continue to hit as poorly as they had for the past month. Statistically, the team had to start hitting again. By the end of the season, these long streaks of quality hitting [remember, the team led the league in team batting average as late as mid June when the Nats went to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks] and even longer streaks of poor hitting will all even out and the Nats will end up being a slightly better than average team.

For now, let's enjoy the winning streak while it lasts. Oh, by the way, did anyone notice that Cristian Guzman made another error??

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