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Whatever Happened To Claudio Vargas?

[August 12th] - Do you remember Claudio Vargas? After respectable seasons on both 2003 and 2004 for the Expos, Vargas started the season on the disabled list for Washington. He joined the team in May and started his first game against the Diamondbacks, giving up one earned run in six innings. In his next three games, however, he got hammered, giving up 13 earned runs in just over 5 innings. He was released the day after his last loss against the Reds.

Vargas was picked up by the Diamondbacks, and has pitched effectively since. He has a record of 5-3 with Arizona, with an ERA of 4.18. No question, he's not Randy Johnson reincarnate, but he's certainly pitching good enough to still be part of the Nationals' rotation.

But hey, I would have cut him too.

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