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The Kids Come Through

[September 22nd] -- Finally, Nationals manager Frank Robinson looked to the future. On a day when Barry Bonds didn't play, the Nats' kids did. Brandon Watson, Rick Short and Ryan Zimmerman started together and backed by yet another strong performance by Hector Carrasco, the Nats salvaged the final game of the series, beating the Giants 2-0.

Ryan Zimmerman collected two hits as did Rick Short. Devi Cruz, playing against his former team, chipped in two hits as well. Chad Cordero pitched well for the first time in quite a while, garnering his league best 47th save.

Ryan Zimmerman is unbelievable. It took him only four games to prove that Class A was beneath his ability. After struggling for two weeks, he spent the summer dominating Class AA Eastern League pitching. And now, albeit with only 21 at bats, he is showing and right now, not next year or the year after, that he may just belong in the major leagues before the arrival of his 21st birthday. And Rick Short is causing many a Nats fan to wonder exactly why it has taken 12 years for him to get a chance to play in the major leagues. His two homers have both been towering shots, one off of Dontrelle Willis, the coming against Braves' ace John Smoltz. How can the Nats not give him a chance to at least be a top infield reserve next season? And Hector Carrasco has got to be given the chance to be the 5th starter next year. In his three starts, he has pitched 10 innings and given up only 2 runs while striking out 17. Not much more you can do to show you deserve at least a shot.

So, the kids came through. Hopefully, they'll continue to produce during the last 10 games of the season, and the new ownership will add some key players to make the Nats a contender next year.

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