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Ryan Rules, Gary Drools

[September 23rd] -- OK, granted, that long 3-run homer in the top of the 10th of of ace reliever Gary Majewski stung a little bit, but let's be realistic. We lost another battle last night, but trust me, we'll end up winning the war soon enough.

In order for Majewski to be in the position to give up the eventual game winning homer, The Nationals, who had been shut out the entire game, had to first get to the 10th. And they did just that. Carlos Baerga, who hasn't been seen much in the past month, stepped to the plate having gone hitless in his last 9 at bats. No problem. Roberto Hernandez, who isn't exactly a premier reliever, threw a fastball that the veteran second basemandrove over the fence for the game tying home run. Sure, I'd rather have won the game, but sometimes, baseball is just baseball. Weird things happen. Kinda like the Nationals having lost four of their last five games in the opponents final at bat. Like that. Hey, it happens.

Let's talk about my favorite Nationals subject, Ryan Zimmerman. The ersatz 20 year old garnered 3 more hits last night against the Mets, and has raised his major league average to an astounding .440. Now remember, this is a guy who was chasing girls on the quad at the University of Virginia last May, singing with his friends, "From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill, we're...." Zimmerman is only one of six top-ten 2005 first round picks to have signed thus far, and the only one of them who has played beyond Class 'A' ball. He raised his on-base percent to .423 and his slugging to a stratospheric .641. Granted, he's only been to the plate 25 times, but how many 20 year olds could do what he's doing at this stage of their careers? Certainly, none of the 2005 draftees.

Esteban Loaiza pitched another great game, lowering his ERA to 3.63 and remains one game over .500 at 11-10. The Nats have many good players who will help next year be a great one. We just have to get that new owner to buy us 2-3 players, one a pitcher, and we're on our way.

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