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Does It Bother Any One Else That ....

[November 23rd] -- I'm just curious --- does it bother anyone else that the folks at Major League Baseball haven't bothered to change the logo banner on the team's "official" website?

As of Thanksgiving day, the Nationals site still features photographs of players wearing Expos' uniforms. Oh sure, they've been cropped and colored to make it less obvious, but they are Expos players nonetheless. It's been nine months since the team first donned Nationals togs, yet thousands and thousands of fans point their browsers toward dcbaseball.com every day, and low and behold, right there in front of the Nation's Capitol are three players representing a foreign city.

For goodness sake, the team has already had a uniform change and still Bud and the boys won't update the website.

It's a Nationals disgrace, alright.

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