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New Stadium Design Starting To Take Shape

[November 20th] -- Still unsure as to how the Nationals' new ballpark is going to look? Read this article published in the Washington Post and you'll begin to get a pretty good idea as to what the architects at HOK and the folks on the D.C. City Council are thinking.

Basically, the stadium will be nothing like the wave of "retro" stadiums build since 1992.

Hmmm. Based on that description, you'd think that the above image would be HOK's architectural rendition of our new stadium. Oddly enough, this is the rendering of "LaBatt Park," a facility that was to have been built to keep the Expos from leaving Montreal and moving to another city.

Like Washington.

[Enter Twilight Zone soundtrack here]

Of course, our park won't look exactly like this, but the whole concept of "modern" and "open" and "glass walls" began on a drawing board in Quebec, a concept that was supposed to keep D.C. from needing a new park themselves. While I'm certainly happy that the Montreal deal fell through, I really do like the LaBatt Look

Ah, the circle of life. I guess the Lion King folks got it right.

Amazing! That's exactly what I thought the Post article was describing.
Excuse my language but it looks like crap. Jack Evans seems to the be the only person with any brains. He is dead set against it. The other Disney characters that are called DC councilpersons think its wonderful because they believe it looks like a bank that they once robbed.
The large model and a smaller model of Labatt ballpark were destroyed at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. That picture you're displaying is pretty much all that remains of Montreal's big plans.
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