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New Togs For Nats Nation

[November 19th] -- The team announced Saturday that the Nationals will have an alternate jersey for 2006; it will likely be used for Sunday home games and other "special occasions."

The new jersey is red and features the interlocking "DC" logo on the left breast. There will be a blue number with white piping on the lower right front of the jersey. The sleeves and neck are trimmed with deep blue piping. The left sleeve has a new Nationals logo patch, though it is similar to what the team featured last year. The new batting practice jersey is deep blue and has the same "DC" logo. The team has added to the "bp" jersey a red line that connects the neck and sleeve openings. The numbers will be red with white piping.

No major complaints from me regarding the design.

Oh, I think the logo could be a little larger, and I've never liked the contrast-color band under the sleeves on the bp jersey. Overall though, they're nice and generally match the conservative nature of the Nationals' uniform.

And [surprise!] they were available for purchase on the Nationals website the very moment the jersey's were introduced.

Surprise surprise. Available for sale and the profits go to MLB. They look like softball uniforms.
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