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Tempers Flare Inside The Beltway: Selig Fiddles While D.C. Burns

[November 11th] -Washington Republicans and Democrats come together about once a decade, always on really important stuff. Next to the "Maine,' World Wars I and II and the War on Terrorism, add the name of Bud Selig and Major League Baseball.

As each new day dawns, more prominent Washingtonians grow weary of Selig's lies. Frank Robinson ripped baseball a "new one" a few days ago. Today, Thomas Boswell went after Major League Baseball in his Washington Post column. Is Selig stupid or dumb or both? He told Boswell that he didn't understand why so many believe that the Nationals are being "penalized" by his actions.

Read Boswell's article here, then contact Major League Baseball here and tell them exactly what you think about the way they are treating both us and the team itself.

Bud Selig would have made a great leader of a Soviet bloc country. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true. He reminds me of former Rumanian dictator Nicolea Ceausescu who, moments before he was gunned down by his own guard, screamed "But you love me -- look at all I've done for you!"

Yeah Bud, we've seen what you've "done" for us. That's why we're so darned angry.

If Robinson had any balls he would have made a public statement at the White House the other day. That would have gotten the attention of the national media. What did he have to lose?
You're right, but I guess he still wants to manage the team next season more than he wants to do the right thing. No way MLB lets him back in the dugout in '06 if he complains about anything.
The way he has been talking I am not sure he wants to manage again. He is guaranteed a job in the main office at MLB or in the front office with another team.
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