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BoSox "Go Another Direction," Bowden Loses Out

[December 12th]-- For better or worse, he's still a National.

As expected, the Boston Red Sox went in-house and named a dual-headed general manager in the form of assistant general manager Jed Hoyer and director of player development Ben Cherington. Bowden, along with former Orioles' GM Jim Beattie had been considered the two most likely candidates to succeed "wunderkind" Theo Epstein, who left abruptly following the end of the 2005 season.

I know that most bloggers don't like Jim Bowden. And that's being "kind." He's made some questionable trades over the years and tends to be too loyal to his former Cincinnati players. But I like him. He has a passion for the game of baseball, and is always looking for ways to improve his team [hence the moniker "Trader Jim."] He has pulled the trigger on far more good trades than bad ones. He is a well known name in the world of baseball, and he gives the team a respected and recognizable presence in the media. Who is the Royals GM? How about the Tigers? See? Bowden brings more to D.C. than just his dozens of years of experience running a major league baseball team.

I doubt that new ownership will bring in their own guy this close to spring training. While Bowden might be jettisoned after the 2006 campaign, he should be safe for now.

And that's a good thing. Really.

Good that Bowden will be staying. The Nats need stability more than anything at this point.

By the way did you know that the letters are almost impossible to read?
Thanks for the note -- the letters on the pictures are there to give the impression of someone having written on them -- I purposefully chose a font that was difficult to read.
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