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Bowden Talks, Soriano Listens, Washington Waits

[December 14th] -- For the first time since the trade last Thursday, Nationals general manager Jim Bowden and newly acquired outfielder(?) Alfonso Soriano talked Tuesday night [First, an addendum: I ripped Bowden for not immediately contacting Soriano and discussing his move to left field. Turns out he was forbidden to talk to him until the trade was finalized, which didn't happen until yesterday. Sorry Jimbo].

Bowden said he was pleased at the conversation, adding that Soriano was receptive to the team's position regarding his move to left field.

Highlights of the conversation:

Bowden told Soriano that the status of Jose Vidro's knee is still an unknown quantity, and that he just couldn't guarantee him where he'd be playing on opening day. He did tell him, however, that wherever that was, it would be in the best interests of the team, and not Alfonso Soriano.

According to Bowden, the Nationals have already spurned three offers for Soriano that would have brought pitching to D.C., which seems a bit strange. Since his first day on the job, Bowden's mantra has been "pitching, pitching, pitching," yet he's worked hard to muscle-up the offense [which makes perfect sense since the Nats has the fifth-best ERA in the league last season but was dead last in virtually all offensive categories. And man, they were offensive.

Join us again for the next installment of "As The Team Turns."

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