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Bowden's "Dream Job" Just That

[December 10th] -- For Jim Bowden, it was supposed to be a "temp" job. He left his easy gig on ESPN's "Cold Pizza" to run the Washington Nationals on a conditional and temporary basis, until the team was sold by Major League Baseball and transferred to a new owner. Maybe he'd stay. Maybe he'd go. He understood the uncertainty and accepted it.

That new ownership was supposed to be in place by spring training. Spring training 2005. Almost a year later, he continues to wait. The D.C. City Council will vote on the new stadium lease in ten days, and Bud Selig will announce the team's new owner shortly thereafter. Maybe he'll stay. Maybe he'll go.

Is it any wonder he took a shot at his "dream job," that of general manager of the Boston Red Sox? I don't blame him one bit considering the way Selig and "the boys" have screwed him right along with the rest of us. But one thing is for sure now. If he does go, it won't be to take over the Red Sox.

Multiple sources within the Red Sox organization report that the Red Sox, at least in the short term, will be run by a two-man team, Ben Cherington, the director of player development, and assistant GM Jed Hoyer. It seems that the Sox are just not ready to name a permanent replacement for Theo Epstein, who all concerned believed would be part of the team for decades.

So it's back to square one for Bowden.

Their aren't any other positions available this late into the off season, so if he wants to stay in baseball, it's going to have to be as GM of the Nationals. That is, if the new owners even want him.

I have to wonder how the Soriano - Wilkerson trade will play out in terms of his status with the Nationals. Will the owners see the wisdom of the move? It's hard to say. Personally, in spite of some questionable trades, I like Jim Bowden and I hope he remains with the team for a long time. I enjoy knowing that there is always something around the next corner with Jimbo. Never a dull moment.

I'm sorry if you're feeling down about the Sox gig, Jimbo. But I'm happy as can be.

Having never watched ESPN except for football, baseball, and bball, what exactly is "Cold Pizza"?
Cold Pizza is a "magazine" type show in the morning on ESPN-2. It's kind of like The Today Show but for sports.
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