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The Day After: Back To Business [Almost]

[December 26th] -- For me, the day after Christmas is always the saddest. People no longer feel obliged to be nice, and it's another year before the next "big haul."

Oh well.

Santa brought me a new top-of-the-line digital camera, an XM "Roady 2" for my car and the XM "xm2go" receiver. The "Roady 2" is going to stay in my truck full time. Now, when I go to school each morning, I can listen to the MLB Home Plate while wiping the snow off my windshield. The "xm2go" is unbelievable. It works in the car, at home, or as a portable walkman. It records 5 hours of airtime, so I can go into class and record what I'd normally miss. I also got a really cool back massager, a new alarm clock that displays the time on the ceiling, and a white-on-white Nationals cap. All in all, a great Christmas.

No blogging for the rest of the day.

My family [10 of us in 3 cars] are heading down to Salt Lake City for some relaxation and shopping. My kids like going to the "big city." To them, a city of half a million is h-u-g-e!.

I've got to get them back to D.C. before I graduate.

Hope all of you had a great Christmas. I'd love it if you'd leave a comment and tell me what Santa brought you for Christmas.

Best Wishes,


"Down to Salt Lake City"? I had just assumed that you lived in the DC area. What is the connection between you and the Nats?
Good question. I grew up in D.C., and lived there from 1959 through 1991.

I have two severely handicapped kids whose special needs can cost six-figures per year easily, making it almost impossible to cover their expenses and pay Washington's exorbitant cost of living.

We moved to Idaho in 1991. I bought my house for $47,000, and it's value is "way up" to $84,000 today. As an example, I renewed my license plates for my 2005 Optima last Thursday. It cost me $15. Idaho law forbids cities or counties from charging any fees or taxes for autos.

I write this blog because my first love as a kid was the Senators. Part of me died the day Bob Short moved the team to Texas. Now that RFK is alive again, I couldn't resist the chance to feel a part of the organization.

My family still lives in the area. After 30 years in the business world, I went back to school to get my teaching degree, and my graduation gift will be spending next summer in D.C. visiting family and watching ball games before starting my new career that fall.

Hope that helped, and thanks for viewing my site.

Wow. Incredible that you would stay with your team. My house has tripled in value in four years and there is no way I could buy it back. And it costs $90 to register my car every year. Keep up the good work.
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