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Due To Technical Difficulties Beyond Our Control ...

[December 31st] -- In this world of changing technologies, one thing remains constant: the substandard service of the phone company. We lost our DSL yesterday morning, and, after spending two hours with the phone cops, we found the problem, and were assured that we'd have the internet up and going within 24 hours. Come the 25th hour, however, still no internet. I called them again and got this answer: "Whoops. We're sorry. Their is no way we could get it up and going that quickly. You're looking at January 5th."

After a 15 minute "discussion" with a supervisor, the date stood. January 5th.

Phone jerks.

Everything else in this world is instant; push a button and it happens. Not with the phone company though. They are still living in the 1950's. They probably still have fins on their cars and bomb shelters in their back yards.

So, for the next few days, I'll be using the dial-up modem and my university account until I get the DSL back. Man, I forgot how slow dial-up is. The graphics may be reduced for a few days to speed things up, but rest assured, I'll be here.

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