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[December 18th] -- This whole "building a new stadium takes money away from our schools and hospitals" thing reminds me of an old "Facts Of Life" TV episode where an alum of the private school donated $50,000 for a new scoreboard for the school's aging stadium. Joe [the New York street urchin] became enraged, holding sit-ins and passing out flyers, demanding that the money be used on text books and other class room needs. Weary of the fight, the donor eventually withdrew the $50,000 gift.

Joe Didn't understand. Neither do all of these complaining Washingtonians.

A new scoreboard enhances the stadium, which helps bring in better scholarship football players, which allows the team to win more games, more state titles, and increases the number of people who are aware of the school. More parents' associate a better football team with a better school, and more students apply, giving the administration a larger pool to pick from, thereby increasing the caliber of student in the school. Because of a $50,000 scoreboard, the school increases the level of its student body.

A new stadium enhances the appearance of Washington, D.C., just like the World War II memorial did. It's talked about on ESPN and scribes at all of the baseball internet sites write stories. The new stadium will guarantee the Nationals stay in DC for 30 years. More Washingtonians will go to baseball games, increasing both tax revenues to the city and property values surrounding the facility. Many more well educated Americans who are moving to new cities will choose Washington because it has a baseball team that plays in a state-of-the-art stadium. The city grows, but grows with better people.

There was never a chance that the money the donor gave the school would ever have gone for books and vcr's. There was never a chance that the money that goes into building the new stadium would have ever gone for hospitals, schools or public housing. For goodness sakes, there are still city schools that even today have dial telephones; don't tell me this money would have changed that. The city chose to underfund its schools long before anyone thought of building a new stadium in Washington.

It's a typical political ploy. I'm surprised that anyone thought politically savvy Washingtonians would have bought into it. The cost of the new stadium will be dwarfed by the benefits, financially and otherwise, that it brings in. The protestors and city council members who oppose it are thinking two-dimensionally, and life resides in the third dimension.

The second dimension has another name. It's called the Twilight Zone. And that explains that.

I want some of dat BUTFOR money. That's some great money according to Mr. Mayor.

The stadium lease is a $h|tty deal, which is why the city council and related clowns are having trouble seeing their way clear to approve it.

The Mayor did not help his case by going AWOL until D-Day came, and then moving the price target all over the map, mostly UP.

MLB is a bunch of greedy crooks who have no shame in artlessly showing it publicly.

At this point, I don't care if they build a new stadium in soufeas or East Capitol Street, but I think it's quite appropriate that Bud Selig is getting a taste of his own medicine. He just can't seem to name an owner and we just can't seem to approve the lease agreement. SCHWEEEET!
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