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Nats Get Mike Stanton For Christmas, I Get A New Digital Camera

[December 25th] --Well, it's [very] early on Christmas morning -- so early that I haven't yet gone to bed. My wife and I have been "prepping" for Santa's visit. And if my kids [ages 14 to 24] believe that, I didn't do a very good job of raising them.

Each family member gets to open one gift on Christmas Eve -- they're usually not much -- jammies, perfume, like that. But all my kids seemed particularly excited, which surprised me. The "good stuff" comes Christmas morning.

Turns out they all knew what I was getting, a new, more advanced digital camera. I was blown away when I opened the package.

I have been a professional photographer for most of my life, but changed gears with the advent of digital photography. You didn't need an artist behind the lens anymore to get a great photo. The Nikon digital I now have is great, but it's a point-n-shoot. This new one has all the manual capabilities that my SLR's have. Man, I'm stoked.

On a baseball note, the Nationals signed, er, re-signed ... signed again; heck, Mike Stanton is a Nat once more. He says he enjoyed playing for Frank last season, and wanted to remain near his kids somewhere on the east coast. Good for you, Mike. Welcome back. Stanton went 2-1, 3.58 last season with Washington. He signed a one year, $1 million dollar contract.

Good move, Jimbo. At least our bench and bullpen are first rate.

Merry Christmas to all. I'll post a bit later today when my wife takes her annual Christmas sleep-the-rest-of-the-day nap.

No no no....you misunderstood my comment of two days ago. I am not suggesting you change your site in any way. It's fabulous. I am just suggesting that you someone attract more readers by linking it on other sites. If the word spread you would have many more readers. If you do now then great but they don't leave comments.
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