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Tomko Signing: Nationals Win, Dodgers Lose

[December 22nd] --"The Los Angeles Dodgers and Brett Tomko have agreed to terms on a two-year, $8.7 million contract that includes a club option for a third year and a $1 million buyout." - L.A. Times

Using my barely adequate math skills (that almost kept me out of college), I'm figuring that Mr. Tomko is going to earn nearly $4.5 million per year. Because the Dodgers will almost certainly not want to pick up his option for the third year, the $1 million buyout clause brings his contract value to almost $5 million per season. Tomko went 8-15, 4.48 last year, and had his best season nine years ago. That was also his first season. Since then, he's barely been able to hold his own against major league hitting.

I was very upset with Bowden a few days ago when it seemed he couldn't even sign a bottom-of-the-barrel pitcher like Tomko. I WAS WRONG. Bowden was being fiscally responsible, unwilling to tie the team's future to a contract eerily similar to Cristian Guzman's.

Way to go, Jimbo. You're not off the hook for that whole "Soriano" thing just yet, but at least I no longer entertain thoughts of using tar and feathers in a very immature inappropriate way.

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