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April Horrors, Not Showers, Set Scene For '06 Nats

[January 29th] -- The inaugural season of the Washington Nationals began in the city of Philadelphia, and in the first days and weeks that followed, the team played good but not great teams, and were given the opportunity to get used to their new surroundings before facing a very difficult stretch in the schedule.

Not in 2006.

After playing the presumptive NL best Mets in New York in games 1-2-3, the Nationals travel to Houston to play the NL Champion Astros for a four-game series. Then it's on to Washington to play the Mets for three more games before gaining a brief respite by playing the Marlins for three games before facing the division champion Braves for three games. After a series against the Reds, it's on off to face the Central division champions St. Louis Cardinals.

All this before May 1st.

It'll be a tough April, with a record that might look too impressive. Hang on, my brethren. It'll get better.

Though this is a tough schedule, remember that the Nats went 13-11 in April last year while playing a tough schedule.
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