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Ladson Does Q&A On XM Satellite Radio

[January 14th] -- Bill Ladson, MLB.com's beat writer for the Washington Nationals was a guest on XM radio's baseball channel Friday evening. I wrote down what he said as fast as I could, then remembered afterwards that my new "xm2go" walkman receiver can record five hours of airtime.


On Sammy Sosa:

"I think that while many fans are concerned about Sosa's past problems, the Nationals are more concerned about adding his bat then his baggage"

"It's a good thing that Jose Guillen is endorsing the team's attempt to sign Sosa. They're friends and neighbors in Miami."

"Jim Bowden told me that Sosa had other offers but I haven't been able to confirm them yet."

"Part of Sammy's problem last year was trying to adjust to a new league. Some players have a hard time switching leagues. He'll do much better next year in a National league town."

"If Sammy Sosa makes the team, Marlon Byrd will be the team's #four outfielder. If Sosa isn't part of the scenario, Byrd could compete against Ryan Church and win the starting centerfield job."

On Alfonso Soriano:

"I doesn't really matter how many home runs Soriano might hit at RFK. It matters how many runs he drives in."

"If Jose Vidro is hurt, Soriano will be the second baseman. If Vidro is healthy, he'll be in the outfield. He doesn't want to cause problems in the last year of his contract before becoming a free agent."

"The people who are complaining about Aflonso haven't been doing their homework. No one knows if Jose will be healthy, and he might very well be the team's every-day second baseman."

On the new coaching staff:

"Jim Bowden has told me that third-base coach Tony Beasley is the next Jim Leyland."

"The team will be different next year from a coaching standpoint. Page, Lopes and Beasley will bring a much different attitude to the clubhouse."

"Mitchell Page is a great hitting instructor, and he's already made an impact with some of the team's young players as well as Marlon Byrd."

On other "stuff:"

"The stadium deal will get worked out, but it may take a few more weeks to get done.

"I wouldn't count on the Nationals signing free-agent Jeff Weaver. Scott Boras (Weaver's agent) told Jim Bowden that negotiations start at $10 million per year."

It was a good interview. Towards the end, listeners were invited to call in and ask questions, but familial requirements (diaper duty) caused me to miss that part of the program.
I like Ladson as a writer ... I just don't like how he chooses which emails to answer in his "mail bag" at mlb.com
at first blush, I might agree, but what if those letters are simply the "best" of a very bad bunch???
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