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Nationals [Finally] Update Their Website

[January 10th] -- Looks like the boys at MLB.com are finally on the payroll again. And it's about time. It's been fifteen months since this franchise last donned the old Montreal Expos uniform, and eleven months since they first proudly wore the red, blue and gold of the Washington Nationals. So how come they just now updated the banner on the team's "official" website?

Up until yesterday, the players on the site's banner were wearing Expos' uniform, craftily cropped so that the out-of-date logos were difficult to see and displayed in monochrome to hide the team's old colors. That said, you can't crop pinstripes, a design worn only by "les Expos."

You would think that the team would have had the site updated almost immediately, removing the last vestiges of a thirty-five year nightmare. Nope. They left it up for more than a year.

Now, officially, the franchise belongs to Washington. No more blurred logos and hidden uniforms . Cool. But way too late.

I noticed that too. Funny, but the new banner looks just like the old one except the players are updated.
Also, unless I'm much mistaken, it continued to feature Brad Wilkerson until the latest change--a painful reminder of what we've lost in exchange for spoiled Soriano.
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