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RFK Redux

[Jan. 12th] - When I was a kid, I got to see a dozen or so Senators' games at RFK every summer. Although I loved the sleek, clean lines of the state-of-the-art facility, I never understood why RFK didn't have outfield bleacher seats. When Riverfront and Three Rivers stadiums were opened, RFK was the only one of the five cookie-cutter parks that didn't have bleachers.

I would spend much of my time in school doodling new configurations for RFK that always included outfield seats (I guess that explains why I'm a 49 year old college senior, doesn't it??). No matter how hard I tried, though, my efforts never looked very real.

With the myriad of photoshop-type programs available today, I can create a new RFK in minutes. Ever wondered how the stadium would look with double-decked outfield stands? No problem. Give me thirty seconds and I'll show you. Actually, the image above took about fifteen seconds to create.

So here's my final creation of RFK with outfield seats -- a design that I started in 1968. I completed this image on my laptop while sitting in my colonial history class yesterday. (Sigh) You would think I would have learned my lesson my now, wouldn't you?

Nice work, Farid! I just have one niggling question... Did your park designs include a bullpen somewhere? Or is it hidden under the OF bleacher? (I think some real MLB ballpark actually has a enclosed bullpen that looks like an expanded hallway, if memory serves. Can't remember which one though...)
I always thought it was cool to have the bullpens along the foul lines so the fans could scream bad words at the players. :)
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