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When In Doubt, Make It Up

[January 29th] - Sometimes, you just have to wonder who plays looser with the facts, bloggers or writers at the big sports sites.

Eric Mack over at CBS.com has an overview of the problems the team is facing with the glut of second baseman and outfielders. Unsettled doesn't begin to describe the National's lineup.

Mack comes up with a possibility no one has yet to consider. According to Mack, "Our guess is Vidro winds up volunteering to settle the drama before camp by taking on left-field duties -- unless the Nats talk Soriano into it first."

Either Mack has access to information not available to any one else in the world, or he's just filling space during a slow news cycle. I remember Vidro specifically saying that while he sympathizes with Soriano's plight and understands that he doesn't want to change positions, he wasn't about to change positions himself to placate the disturbed Soriano. How does that translate into his willingness to move to the outfield?

I'm guessing that, if forced to believe Eric Mack on Jose Vidro, or Jose Vidro on Jose Vidro, I'm going to choose the "horses mouth" so to speak.

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